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Natural disasters and human destruction


My name is Masato Sumida, Aiko-ryu karadatococoro Seitai, and I practice bodywork in Daisen-cho and Kotoura-cho, Tottori Prefecture.

Today was a relatively calm day in Tottori Prefecture. While I am glad to have such a calm and peaceful day, I am also thinking about the recent typhoon and other disasters.

This is because the nature in human beings is being destroyed. Because the nature in man is being destroyed, he tries to destroy nature.

Thank you for reading today.


Disasters are incredibly frightening. We feel helpless and powerless. We cannot even resist the fury of nature. The only thing we humans can do is to prepare and escape as harmlessly as possible. I would like to express my condolences to the people in the areas that unfortunately suffered from the disaster, and wish for a speedy recovery.


Why do these extreme weather events and unprecedented natural disasters occur? According to one theory, human destruction of nature has changed the environment in various ways, resulting in unprecedented natural disasters. However, from a Seitai perspective, the destruction of nature occurs because the nature within humans is destroyed. Before nature is destroyed, human beings are destroyed. Recovering nature in man, restoring nature in man, can be a means of escaping the fury of natural disasters. Because nature in man has been destroyed, man destroys nature. Restoring the nature in human beings will protect nature from destruction and will lead to its restoration.


The technique of seitai, which conveys the warmth of the human hand, is a process that restores the nature within the human being.


For example, we have lost our sense of nature, which is the sense that all living things have, such as not going to dangerous places, evacuating from dangerous places, and not eating dangerous foods. Senses and sensitivities are a natural part of our nature. It is natural for humans to have senses and sensitivities because we are living beings. However, we have lost that sense. We no longer even know that it is dangerous to go any further. The best way to restore nature is to restore the nature within human beings. Osteopathic medicine is based on the idea of the nature that is inherent in human beings.


Thank you for reading today.