風水の秘密:下駄箱の位置が家庭と人間関係に与える影響|愛光流からだと心整体 隅田真人
何事も始めが肝心と言いますが、争いの種が玄関にあるということをご存じでしょうか?しかも争いの種は簡単に改善可能だということも。 風水がもたらす影響は、日常生活のさまざまな側面に及ぶことで知られています。その中でも家庭や人間関係、さらには個人...


They say that the beginning of everything is the beginning, but did you know that the seeds of conflict are at the door? And that the seeds of conflict are easily remediable.

The effects of feng shui are known to extend to many aspects of daily life. Among them, the impact on the home, relationships, and even personal behavior is significant, and I think there are many interesting things to consider.

Although it may seem surprising, the location of clog boxes in feng shui is important. Located near the entrance to the house, the shoe closet serves to manage the energy that is brought into the home. If this place is neat and orderly, blocking out evil spirits and inviting good ch’i into the home, it will be easier to maintain harmony throughout the home. The influence of feng shui on relationships is important. In feng shui, it is believed that the energy flowing in a space influences people’s feelings and behavior.

In the feng shui of the Zhuan shui school, the location of the shoe box is very important.
Depending on whether it is located on the right or left as you enter the front door, it may or may not help to maintain harmony in the entire home.

If the shoe box is located to the left as you enter the front door, the house will have less luck in relationships. It is also said to be a phase of fighting. The fighting aspect spoils good ch’i and attracts negative energy. Therefore, domestic discord is likely to occur. In the case of an office, relationships within the office will not be good.

However, if the shoe box is on the left side, it is said to be feng shui-friendly for day trading. Day trading implies trading over a short period of time, but it may increase the success rate in terms of conflict and competition.

If the shoe box is located on the right side as you enter the doorway, it is considered a symbol of peace.
In the feng shui of the Zhuan shui school, it is important to balance the layout and interior design of the house and invite good ch’i into the home in order to create peace in the home.
Above all, nurturing harmonious relationships with family and other people is essential to maintaining peace in the home.

Changing the location of the clog box is a relatively simple and easy Feng Shui solution that anyone can do. If changing the location of the shoe box from the left side to the right side can help smooth out one of your problems, it may be worth a try.

The other day, we visited a home where we received a new request for a feng shui evaluation. After receiving the request, we received a drawing of the home and information about the address and family members living in the home prior to the visit.
We will arrange a schedule and sign a Feng Shui consultation contract before we visit your home.
The contract itself may be signed on the same day.
In this case, the contract was signed on the same day.

The feng shui check starts from the moment you arrive.
However, we do not want to look around too closely immediately, so we will pass you from the entranceway into the living room while glancing around. Of course, the location of the shoe box is also checked. After signing the contract, we observe the surrounding area and inform you of the appraisal results and areas for improvement.

The location of the shoe box was on the left side.
As this was also consistent with the client’s concerns, we propose a change in the location of the shoe box. The client immediately said, “I’ll make the change,” and got up from his seat. It was not a large shoe box, so I joined in and we moved the shoe box to the right side.

I think the basic idea is that peace in the home is the most important thing.
When the home is stable and harmony is maintained, the family can grow and develop in peace with each other and lead a happy life.

Feng Shui is an interesting study that affects many aspects of our daily lives. Above all, it is reassuring to know that you can improve your own luck.
The influence of our homes, our relationships, and even our individual actions, thoughts, and practices can have a significant impact. By incorporating the concept of Feng Shui into your life, you will experience better balance and harmony.