Late afternoon for Seitaijin #6


We live until the end of our life.
When we die, it is because we have reached the end of our life span.
There are people who are very sick, but they are still alive.
People don’t die because they are sick, but because their life expectancy has expired.

In the same way, infectious diseases are spreading, but only those who get them get them.
If they do get it, they just need to be treated and recover.

The best way to deal with infections that cause high fever is to loosen the collarbone.
Loosen the collarbone.
Nasal irrigation
Eat protein
Eat carbohydrates
Keep up your vitamins.
Nothing else.

Do those things and then stay cheerful.
Be cheerful and laugh with your friends with whom you can laugh and talk.
It’s better to be with someone with whom you can laugh.

Keep away from people who only talk about serious things, because it lowers your immune system
Meeting serious people does not change the seriousness of the situation.

As far as life expectancy goes, we are affected by the seasons.
When it’s cold, the pelvis closes up.
When the pelvis closes tightly, we will be able to greet spring properly.

If the pelvis doesn’t close, we can’t greet spring properly.
If the pelvis is not closed, the pelvis will not open properly.

When it’s cold, everything closes. Even iron closes when it’s cold, and even iron loosens when it’s warm.
It’s the same with the pelvis. The pelvis should be closed now.

We had snow again this year, but it was mixed with rain.
So the pelvis closes, but it closes slower.
When there’s a big difference in temperature, when the temperature drops suddenly, and then it cools suddenly, the pelvis closes suddenly.
That’s when the pelvis closes.

If you have a torsion in your body, when your pelvis opens or closes, you will hurt your back, so you should do twisting exercises.

When you hear a weather forecast that says it will snow tomorrow or that the temperature will drop from tomorrow, you may think, “I should do some twisting exercises.
You need to do some twisting exercises.

Take care of it and enjoy your life until the end of your life.