Late afternoon for Seitaijin#8



I don’t know when this distribution is going to take place.
I don’t know, but since the recording took place before Setsubun, I roasted some beans.

With Setsubun, the first day of spring, it’s a new year.
I hope the new year brings good things.
I feel like I can do something new when the new year comes.
It is certain that with the change of the calendar, new things will begin.

With the new year, I get one year older.
To grow old is to grow old.
As you get older, you start to have to go to the bathroom more often.
Sometimes I try to do something and go to the bathroom less often.
You’ll start going to the bathroom again.
I think that’s how you’re pissing yourself

The recent trend is to try to make old age go away, but
Facing old age is also a part of seitai.

Not to let the old age perish, but to try to live as a seitaijin in the midst of the old age.
I think that’s a good way to live.

In a sense, seitai is looking at death.
If a person dies peacefully, it means that he or she is alive and well.
It means that the person lived a full and lively life.

Seitai thinks about the meaning of “to live through”.
I believe that illness is a moment of rebirth.
That’s what the term “gyo-ka-ryu” means.
You were sick, with a high fever, and you were roaring.
But the moment the disease passes, it is like a dragon, running with vitality and
This is the unique concept of Seitai, “Let even illness be your ally, let even poison be your medicine.

It does not mean that people die because they are weak or have no need, or that they naturally disappear and fade away.

Aging is also the ability to think of others.
When we are young, we don’t understand this.
As we get older, we begin to understand.

Facing old age is something no one has ever done before.
It’s something we all do for the first time.
I want to continue to walk a bright and happy path, not a thorny one.