Understanding Hay Fever: Bridging the Gap Between Nature and Society


Spring means hay fever!
Hay fever means that a person’s body cannot change from winter to spring.
It means that a person’s body is unable to change from winter to spring.


The body is trying to change from a winter body to a spring body, but it is not easy to do so.
This movement that is not becoming spring is hay fever.

From the viewpoint of modern medicine and Western medicine, hay fever is an allergic reaction.
Hay fever is an allergic reaction, a runaway of the immune system.
I think that’s true.

Spring is the season of plum blossoms, peaches and cherry blossoms in the world of Seitai bodywork.
In the plum season, it’s the back of the head.
In the peach season, it’s the shoulder blades.
And we think of cherry blossoms as the opening of the pelvis.

When the peaches bloom, the shoulder blades move.
If the left shoulder blade does not open properly at this time, hay fever is a symptom.

Every year on the news, they say “this year’s pollen count is early” or “this year’s pollen count is severe”.
Every year in the news, they say “this year’s pollen is early” or “this year’s pollen is severe”, but pollen is always flying.
Pollen is always flying.
Pollen is always in the air, but only the human body reacts rapidly to it.

If your left shoulder blade is stiff, you get hay fever
So, until your left shoulder blade loosens up, you’ll have hay fever

It doesn’t matter if you take drugs or have injections
You’ll always have hay fever until your left shoulder blade loosens up.

There is no medicine for hay fever.
There is no such thing as a cure for hay fever.
There are plenty of drugs that can pass the symptoms down the pathway or paralyze them, though.

If you take drugs to suppress hay fever symptoms while your left shoulder blade remains stiff…
The hay fever gets worse every year.
And every time you take a medicine, you’re out of season.

The human body is a natural product, and we want to adapt to it.
We want to adapt to the rhythms of nature.
But we have social rhythms that are different from natural rhythms.
We are forcing things that don’t conform to the rhythms of society to be twisted by drugs.
One of these dilemmas is hay fever.

Let’s relax the left shoulder blade.
If you put your thumb on your shoulder and draw a circle with your elbow, your shoulder blade will loosen.

The rhythm of nature and the rhythm of society
I hope the world will be a place where these two things fit well together.