Late afternoon for Seitaijin #10


It’s still cold. I still think it’s cold.
The cold alone is stressful.
Stress has become a villain these days.
Stress is an external stimulus.

Stress is external stimuli such as heat, cold, glare, darkness, and so on.
Without these external stimuli, without external stress, plants don’t grow.

The same thing can be said for the human body in terms of health.
When you want to heal a disease, internal stimulation is important, but external stimulation is also important.

External stimuli such as seasonal temperature and humidity stimulate our natural healing power, as is the case with Seitai souhou.

Human beings cannot become healthy or sick by themselves.

You can’t be floating in the air.
To be in the air is to have a relationship with the air, and it is only when we have a relationship with something that we can become sick or healthy.

For example, if there were no pollen, there would be no such thing as hay fever
Without heat and cold, there would be no sweat.

Everything is a balance of inside and outside.
And the result of that balance is what causes the symptoms.

Spring symptoms include hay fever and spring fever.
Spring fever is when the heat in the body does not dissipate or circulate properly in the body, and it accumulates in the upper body or in the joints.

When this happens, the body becomes flushed.
Eye problems and vertigo may occur.
Nasal congestion, stiff shoulders, neck pain, headaches.
Headache, stiff neck, stuffy nose, dizzy eyes.

This means that we need to treat the movement to dissipate the heat.
It is necessary to use a technique to dissipate heat using the reaction after heat is given, while giving heat instead of cooling.

It is good to actively consume foods that dissipate heat in our daily diet.
Typical examples are wasabi and sansho.
It is good to recommend Wasabi and Prickly Ash to those who have symptoms.
However, we should not recommend wasabi, chili pepper, and black pepper.
It is advisable to avoid these seasonings as much as possible if you have symptoms.

Let’s have a better spring by consuming foods that are appropriate for the season!


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