Late afternoon for Seitaijin #9


We have to be careful about infections.
Infectious diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses.

The human body is resistant to germs.
The reason is that the human body is a collection of bacteria.
Viruses, on the other hand, are different.
We think of them as the same thing, but viruses and bacteria are very different things.
Therefore, they react differently when they enter the body.

To prevent viruses, it is important to prevent them from reproducing in the mucous membranes.
Viruses don’t like acidity.
Viruses don’t like acidity, while bacteria don’t.

The stomach is the most acidic part of the human body.
It is important to suppress the acidity in the stomach.

The stomach is the digestive system.
It may sound strange to strengthen the stomach.
Stomach strengthening is one of the anti-infection techniques in osteopathic medicine.

There are digestive manipulation techniques such as over-eating exercises and stomach manipulation techniques.
When I talk about “over-eating exercises”…
When I talk about “the overeating maneuver,” the participants in the class laugh.
But actually, it’s very important.
By adjusting the stomach, the immune system can be greatly improved.

That means
If we focus on strengthening the stomach, we will become more energetic.

The stomach is often neglected or underestimated.
Adjustment of the stomach is done at the thoracic vertebrae.
It is located at the bottom of the shoulder blades, between the shoulder blades.
And it’s always on the left side.

If you are overworking your stomach on a regular basis, this area is stiff and rigid.
Or this is the only area that is out of alignment.
If you just squeeze this area, the movement of the gastric pouch will improve.

Interestingly, the immune system is located near the gastric hives.
People with serious illnesses have a hardened immune system.
It feels kind of far away when you touch it.
It feels like a big comforter is covering them and then touching them on top of it.
When these bones move, the human body becomes immune and healthy.

The idea is to appeal to the sensitivity of the spine.
This is what is done in the field of Seitai souhou.